Train derailment in North Dakota

North Dakota train derailment triggers “100 foot” high blast (Video)

CASSELTON – A train derailment caused a huge blast with “100 foot flames” in Casselton, North Dakota, on December 30, 2013. The incident that generated the massive fire occurred between two trains close to an ethanol plant. The first train derailed and was hit shortly after by an oncoming train. One of the trains had “111 cars [...]

Suicide bombing kills 14 in Volgograd

Volgograd blast: Suicide bombing kills 14 in trolleybus (Video)

VOLGOGRAD (RUSSIA) - A suicide attack in a trolleybus in Volgograd, southern Russia, claimed the lives of at least 10 people while 15 were injured on Monday December 31, 2013. The attack was carried out around 8 a.m. with an explosive device left on the vehicle by the terrorists. The attack is the second in less than [...]

LAPD officer rescues man from burning vehicle

LAPD bomb squad officer saves man from burning vehicle (Video)

LOS ANGELES – A man trapped inside his burning vehicle on a Los Angeles freeway was rescued by an LAPD bomb squad officer on Christmas day. Officer Don Thompson saved the man – in his 60s – but suffered second degree burns and injuries in the rescue operations. He was taken to hospital for treatment [...]

Canada Ice Storm

Canada: ice storm leaves 250 thousand people without electricity (Video)

TORONTO – A violent ice storm lashed Canada on the first night of winter. Some 250,000 people were left with no electricity due to “icy power lines” which caused disruptions to the subway lines and public trasnport on wheels, reports Bloomberg.  Anthony Haines, Toronto Hydro Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is truly one of the [...]


LA car chase ends in tragedy: officers kill man in brand new Corvette (Video)

LOS ANGELES – A televised car chase on the streets of Los Angeles ended with three police officers fatally shooting a mentally ill man. Gawker reports that the chase began in downtown Los Angeles on Friday night. Brian Newt Beaird and his Corvette led “20 cops” on a high-speed chase across the city after refusing to stop for a [...]

Mita Diran

Young copywriter tweets about working 30 hours non-stop, dies the next day

JAKARTA – Young Indonesian copywriter Mita Diran died last Saturday, the day after tweeting about working 30 hours nonstop. The 24-year-old employee for Y&R Indonesia suffered a fatal heart attack likely caused by an overuse of energy drinks. Buzzfeed reports that the girl’s father wrote about his daughter’s death on an Indonesian website. In the post [...]

China space probe lands on the moon

Space probe Chang e-3 lands on moon after 12 days in space (Video)

BEIJING – China’s government released footage of its rover’s lunar landing. The ‘Chang e-3′s space probe touched down on the lunar soil after 12 days in space. Moments later the buggy ‘Jade Rabbit’ drove out. The vehicle will spend time on the lunar soil to collect rocks and analyze them. China is the third country [...]

Fake sign language interpreter struck by schizophrenic attack at Nelson Mandela memorial

Nelson Mandela memorial: Fake interpreter saw angels after ‘schizophrenic attack’

PRETORIA (SOUTH AFRICA) – ‘Phoney’ sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie claims he suffered a schizophrenic attack that let him see angels at the Nelson Mandela memorial. Metro reports that Thamsanqa, 34, began gesticulating in a way many deemed ‘ridiculous’ on Wednesday. He told reporters he suffered a schizophrenic attack that made him lose concentration and see [...]

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