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Ghost Cam captures female partner having sex with son

Woman caught by ‘ghost cam’ having sex with boyfriend’s son jailed for six months

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A woman who was caught having sex with her boyfriend’s 16-year-old son by a ‘ghost cam’ has been jailed for six months and forced to attend a sexual rehab clinic.

The 28-year-old woman was caught in the act by a camera her boyfriend had set up to find out if ghosts were haunting his home in Hobart, Tasmania, last October. Instead, the man caught on camera his son romping with his partner of 11 years. The teenage boy and the woman admitted they’d had sex at least three times, reports the Daily Mail.

The relationship began when the 16-year-old teenager discussed driving lessons with his father’s partner in his bedroom.

After admitting their sinful behavior, the woman was charged with seven counts of unlawful sex and jailed for 12 months. The Hobart Supreme Court suspended six months of the woman’s conviction but told her she is the sole responsible “for what happened.” The age of consent in the Australian state of Tasmania is 17.

The boy’s father had set up the ‘ghost cam’ to see if there was any ‘paranormal activity’ going on at night in the house. One day he forgot to turn the camera off and filmed his 16-year-old son and his partner “having sexual contact.” 

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