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Minheng He Jailed 4 Years For Stabbing Student over Soy Sauce

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Minheng HeMinheng He, a young Chinese student attending a boarding school in England, was jailed for four years for stabbing another student during a row over soy sauce.  The young student was 17 when he attacked the young victim following a bust-up sparked by a comment that was meant as a joke. 

The victim was cooking a meal and asked He – who is now 18 – if he could borrow some of his soy sauce. But the student of Chinese origin refused and exchanged insults with the boy after being asked how much the sauce was going to cost him, reports The Daily Mail. He then left the kitchen, but later that day – around 10:30pm – he stormed into the boy’s room and stabbed him in his left arm and shoulder.

Andrew Shaw, the prosecutor in the case, said the attack was premeditated because he broke into the victim’s room three hours after the row. He, who has pleaded guilty, will spend two years in jail and will then be freed on licence. Jonathan Goodman, the Chinese student’s defendant, said He should be given credit for admitting his guilt.

The ordeal occurred at Langley School in Loddon, Norfolk, a boarding school with 729 pupils that charges £8,100-a-term. Dominic Findlay, headteacher of Langley School, said: “We’re glad that the whole incident and ordeal is over.”



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