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‘Whitney Houston was killed by drug dealers’ says private investigator

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Whitney_Houston_911_tape_releasedA private investigator has reportedly turned over evidence  alleging that Whitney Houston was killed over a drug debt and did not overdose on heroin as previous reports suggested. Houston was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel room in Beverly Hills in February.

A medical examiner ruled that a cocktail of cocaine and marijuana proved fatal. But private investigator Paul Huebl says he has given evidence to the FBI that proves that the iconic pop star had contracted a huge debt with drug dealers - $1.5 million according to various reports – and thugs were sent to collect the money she owed.  As Mail Online reports, cocaine was delivered to Whitney’s hotel room the day before she died and was heard saying : “I’m tired of this  sh*t’.”

Huebl reportedly handed over footage showing two men entering Whitney Houston’s hotel room to the field office of the FBI in Chicago. The video was sent to consolidate the investigator’s claims according to which there are “classic defence wounds” on the singer’s body “that would have occurred while she was battling for her life”. Huebl also believes that if you put all the things together “they do kind of spell homicide, with a big red capital “H”. 

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