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Victoria’s Secrets shop assistant may have done acid attack to herself

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Naomi Oni may have done acid attack to herself

Naomi Oni may have done acid attack to herself

Naomi Oni, the Victoria’s Secret shop assistant who went on British TV telling she had been the victim of an acid-attack late last year, may have damaged her face of her own initiative.

Police officers are investigating whether the 20-year-old shop assistant may have damaged her face on purpose after they found the girl had gathered information on Katie Piper before the attack. The former model was scarred for life in a random acid attack in 2008.

The attack on the young shop assistant caused uproar in Britain. Funds were raised to help Oni get the money she needed to undergo expensive plastic surgery operations. Oni said she was walking home from work in Dagenham, east London, when a woman in an Islamic niqab attacked her and poured acid onto her face.

Oni’s boyfriend Ato Owede, 23, told The Sun: “The police are not doing enough to catch the person. I think they did ask her mum if she did this herself — that’s just crazy. They need to keep on investigating. They’re concentrating on the wrong things at the moment in terms of her researching acid attacks and stuff like that. They are just coming to a silly conclusion.”

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