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University of Arizona adds hip-hop course to its Africana Studies

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Jay ZA new course The University of Arizona has added will likely be a hit among students. They are offering a minor in hip-hop as part of its Africana Studies program.

The university has already been offering hip-hop courses since 2004, but a minor dedicated to the movement was taken into consideration after a class discussing the hip-hop culture “filled up in a matter of hours” last year, reports the LA Times.  After the class, Alain-Philippe Durand, the director of the Africana Studies program at The University of Arizona, said he received thousands of emails asking him to add a hip-hop course. Durand said: “”Rap and hip-hop in general has become super-popular around the world. The main reason for that is that it affects every single discipline and aspects of society.”

Students hoping to sit in on an easy course debating Jay Z’s latest album or Dr. Dre’s hit single should think twice before enrolling. The course doesn’t focus on the hip-hop’s stereotypical drug culture but on its influence on politics, marketing and fashion. 

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