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Teen Soccer Player Kills Referee With Punch in the Face

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Ricardo PortilloA teenager is in juvenile detention after the soccer referee he punched in the face during recreational match in Salt Lake City has died. 

Ricardo Portillo, a 46-year-old referee for a recreational soccer league, was refereeing a game in Taylorsville, a suburb in Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 27 when he showed a teenager a yellow card. After being shown the yellow card, the 17-year-old turned around and punched the referee in the face, reports

The referee was taken to hospital where doctors found that he had suffered several serious internal injuries. For almost a week, Mr Portillo remained in hospital in critical condition before he died on Saturday. Johanna Portillo, the referee’s daughter, said her father loved soccer and “never thought this was going to happen.” 

The teenager, whose identity hasn’t been released, is in juvenile detention and has been charged with aggravated assault.

The incident occurred during a game of the Hispanic soccer league called Fut International. Boys aged between 5 and 17 take part in the event.

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