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T.J. Lane shows ‘KILLER’ T-Shirt as Judge gives him Three Life Sentences

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T.J. Lane shows Killer T-Shirt at Sentencing

T.J. Lane shows Killer T-Shirt at Sentencing

A 18-year-old responsible for the killing of three teenage boys at his school showed a white T-shirt with “KILLER” written across it when a judge gave him three life sentences. T.J. Lane killed three boys when he went on a gun rampage outside Chardon High School in Cleveland in February 2012.

The judge gave no possibility of parole to the 17-year-old. The killer took the lives of 16-year-olds Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, and 17-year-old Russell King junior with a .22 calibre pistol.

Lane, who injured three other boys in the rampage, smirked as the verdict was being handed down. He showed his middle finger to the families of the victims and said: “”This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now m*sturb*tes the memory. F*** all of you.”

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