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Syria cut off from the Internet

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Phone lines and the internet in Syria have been cut off, it has emerged. The country’s connectivity, consisting of 84 IP addresses, became “unreachable” a spokesman for US-based company Renesys told the BBC. The spokesman said Syria disconnected itself at 12:26pm local time. The Syrian government has blamed terrorists for targeting the internet lines.

The BBC reports:

Search giant Google noted that Syrians were unable to access any of its services including YouTube. The video sharing website is a popular place for activists to upload footage from the country.

As Renesys reports, there were five offshore services that were still up and running Thursday afternoon. Those services were primarily used to send malware to Syrian activists earlier this year. But now those networks have been taken down and are no longer responding.

Google took to social network Twitter to inform Syrians they can still tweet and text despite no Internet services. Google is running a #Syriablackout hashtag to inform Syrians how they can use their @speak2tweet service.


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