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Law-defiant Spanish town mayor is the 21st century Robin Hood

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Juan SanchezA left wing mayor in a small Spanish town is tackling the country’s economic crisis in his very own way.¬†Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has been the mayor of Marinaleda , a small town in southern Spain, for more than 30 years and has been dubbed the Robin Hood of Spain for organizing two raids on supermarkets, reports The Telegraph.

Mr Sanchez, 53, hasn’t actually took part in the raids but led them from the supermarkets’ parking lots. He says the raids will continues if the Spanish government continues to implements laws that are leaving families pennyless and with “nothing to eat.”

Spain is going through some tough times due to the eurozone crisis. The country’s unemployment rate has hit the 25 per cent rate and budget as well as wage cuts are worsening the living conditions of many families.

Andalusia is the region where Mr Gordillo’s town lays. It has been severely hit by by the collapse of the building industry caused by a property bubble that has also taken its toll on Spanish banks. The region’s unemployment is above 30 per cent.

Mr Sanchez was not arrested for the supermarket raids because he’s also a regional MP. But the mayor, who’s also been dubbed “the revolutionary of Andalusia,” is fighting against the region’s land owners. The region has had large land owners for years and the mayor of Marinaleda, a town of 3,000 residents, is also arguing that the land should be redistributed and go to those who work it.


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