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T-shirt clad man falls off train in Siberia and runs for 7kms in -40C temperatures

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Valery Malkov truck driver

A Russian man who fell from a moving train in Siberia walked more than seven kilometres in -40C temperatures wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. As The Daily Mail reports, Valery Malkov, 40, left his compartment to smoke a cigarette and fell into the Siberian wilderness after he opened a door that should have been closed.

The man ran for seven kilometre (4.3 miles) until he arrived to a tiny station in the Amur region where they made him a hot cup of tea. Malkov said: “When I was running I was not thinking about anything except for to get to the nearest post, station, anything. I don’t know myself how I didn’t freeze. And no, I never did winter swimming.”

Malkov spent the night in the tiny station in the Amur region 7,200 kms east of Moscow before boarding a train to the coal mining town of Neryungri.

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