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Russia: Islamist sect spent ten years living underground

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Islamist sect in RussiaAn Islamist sect composed of 70 worshippers -some of whom have never seen the daylight- has been found on the outskirts of the Russian city of Kazan. The sect is named the ‘Fayzarahmist’ after its founder Fayzhrahman Satarov who declared his own house an independent Islamic state in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Various cults and sects sprung to life following the collapse of the Soviet block and the Fayzarahmists flourished in an underground bunker where also 20 children were found. The kids, it has emerged, have never seen the daylight.

Russian authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the sect and it could be outlawed if the activities they carry out – like preventing its members from seeking medical assistance – is continued.

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