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Robbers dig 30-meter tunnel into Berlin bank

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Berliner Volksbank heistRobbers in Germany broke in a Berlin bank and made off with an undisclosed amount of money on Monday morning. It sounds like nothing more than a normal heist to a bank but the news is making the rounds on the internet because the thieves broke through the bank’s walls after digging a 30-meter long tunnel long from a nearby parking garage. 

The tunnel allegedly took several days to dig because, as Spiegel online reports, the thieves had to dig their way through two reinforced concrete walls. The tunnel looked very professional and “went undiscovered” because there was a rolling shutter separating it from the parking garage. 

The thieves then broke through the concrete wall of the Berliner Volksbank where more than 100-safe-deposit boxes were looted. It is not known how much money was stolen. The thieves then set a fire to cover their tracks. The fire was noted by a resident who contacted fire fighters early Monday morning. Police have no leads. 

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