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PHOTO Scientists release first photo of Richard III skull

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Skeleton found in Leicester belongs to Richard III

Scientists have released a picture of a skeleton believed to be the one of fifteenth century monarch Richard III. DNA tests and CT scans have been carried out on the bones that were found in a council park not far from a friary in Leicester. A blow on the skull should confirm the researcher’s assumption.

A member of the Richard III society, Philippa Langley, is 99% certain the skeleton belongs to the British king. According to Metro, University of Leicester archaeolgists have said that DNA evidence confirms that the remain are ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ those of Richard III.

Richard III was killed in 1485. With his death at the Battle of Boswarth the Wars of the Roses was brought to an end and the House of Tudor began its reign.

Professor Lin Foxhall, head of the university’s Archaeology Department, told The Telegraph: “If it is Richard III we would know an awful lot about his death and burial. We would have hard, hard evidence to compare against the various historical accounts.”


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