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PHOTO North Korea to conduct nuclear tests

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North Korea to conduct two nuclear tests

A report in a South Korean newspaper claims that North Korea will carry out two nuclear tests in two different tunnels. Newspaper Chosun Ilbo quoted a South Korean military official who spoke on condition of anonimity. He said that satellite images showed activity of a tunnel on the Punggye-ri nuclear site in North Korea, while another one to the west of the country was completed earlier this year.

“There is a chance that the southern tunnel is a decoy, but we are not ruling out that the regime will conduct nuclear tests simultaneously at both tunnels,” the official was quoted as saying. North Korea said it would conduct nuclear tests after the U.N. extended its sanctions following a rocket launch in December.

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  1. [...] North Korea posted on its official website a chilling video of a nuclear weapon striking a US city. The secretive government posted the video on its official website Uriminzokkiri. As the caption on website Liveleak reports, the video is shot as a dream sequence of a young North Korean dreaming about attacking the US with long range rockets. The video shows “somewhere in the United States” on fire and the caption across the screen reads that one day not too far from now the young boy’s dream will come true.  The soundtrack to the whole video is Michael Jackson’s song We Are The World.  [...]

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