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Oregon gay couple attacked because of pink poodle

Oregon: Gay Couple Attacked Because of Pink Poodle (Video)

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A gay couple was walking their pink poodle named Beauty near a strip mall in Hillsoboro, Oregon, when a man attacked them. David Beltier and Jeremy Mark told KATU that George Allen Mason Jr., 22, started abusing them from his SUV. Mason is thought to have said: “Your poodle is a weird color and that’s just un-American.”

Mason Jr. then got out of the car and landed punches on Beltier before going back to his car where he got hold of a crowbar.

Beltier told KATU: “If I didn’t hear all the other people honking, all the people seeing what was going on, he could have probably severely hurt me, maybe even killed me right there and then.” The attacker was arrested in a parking lot last Saturday morning. Police tracked him down after an eyewitness worte down the number plate of Mason’s 1997 Land Rover.

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