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North Korea’s first lady wife not seen in public for 40 days. Is she pregnant?

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North Korea's leadersNorth Korea’s first lady hasn’t been seen in public for forty days raising speculations that she may be pregnant. Kim Jong Un’s wife is North Korean singer Ri Jol Su and according to various sources she’s avoiding appearing in public because she’s pregnant.  The Daily Mail was the first to report the rumor of Ri Jol Su’s pregnancy and the news has been reported also by South Korean media.

Media outlet reports that during a recent visit to deliver gifts to renters at some newly renovated apartments “there was a glimpse of Ri Sol Ju washing a cup in the kitchen, and it seemed as though her stomach was protruding more than usual.”

But there are other reports hinting what is the reason behing Kim Jong Uns’s wife decision to not appear in pubblic. It is thought that some of the highest in rank members of North Korea’s communit party have criticised her for not wearing a lapel pin featuring Kim Il Sung’s face. The pin featuring the face of country’s founder has to be worn by all North Korean adults but apparently Ri has been pictured with “an ornate brooch” instead.

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