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Mother burned alive in PNG for being a sorceress

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PNG Cannibal killersA 20-year-old mother named Kepari Leniata was torched in Mount Hagen City in Papua New Guinea on Wednesday because villagers believed she was a sorceress. The 20-year-old was set alight by villagers who claimed she had taken the life of a six-year-old through sorcery.

As The Telegraph reports, the woman admitted to killing the young boy who had been hospitalized with chest pains on Tuesday. The villagers turned against the woman after the admission. They tied her to a pole, poured fuel all over her and set her on fire.

Police were unable to stop the killing because they were outnumbered but they have charged with murder the people responsible for the torching.

Sorcery is still a common practice in the poor countries of the Pacific region. People turn to sorcery when they can’t find an explantation to natural causes of death.  A local bishop said the PNG government needs to stop the “sorcery and sorcery-related killings”. 

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