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Mayan temple suffers ‘irreparable’ damage after ‘End of the world’ parties

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Mayan prophecyThe Mayan doomsday prophecy didn’t occur but the many parties that were thrown are to blame for the “irreparable” damages an ancient stone temple in Guatemala suffered on December 21. As Abc News reports, many attended “end of the world” parties at Temple II, which is the largest “urban center of the Mayan civilization” as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More than 7,000 people visited the Mayan site on Friday December 21. According to the Mayan calendar, a cycle known as baktun ended and a new one began on that very day. A Baktun lasts 394 years and the 13th baktun ended the day some predicted the world was supposed to end. The site is more than 300 miles north of Guatemala City.

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