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English housewife was raised by monkeys in the Colombian jungle

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Marina ChapmanMarina Chapman was abducted and left in the Colombian jungle at the tender age of 4. In the jungle, she was found and raised by a colony of capuchin monkeys for five years. She was taught how to climb trees, hunt and survive in the jungle until she was found by a group of hunters. reports:

“By following them and copying what they ate and drank, their social activities, their language, Marina gradually became part of the family for five extraordinary years. “They fought, played and shared tender and terrifying experiences. Marina developed extraordinary super-human abilities such as tree-climbing, stealth and animal communication.”

Chapman’s story has been made into a book called “The Girl With No Name” that will be published next year.

Chapman thinks she was born in the early 1950s and ended up in the jungle because of a kidnap gone wrong. She has hardly any recollection of the kidnap but she can remember “being chloroformed with a hand over her mouth,” one of Chapman’s daughters told the Sunday Times.

Chapman arrived in England in her mid-twenties. She was supposed to spend no more than six months in Bradford where she met her husband, a 29-year-old bacteriologist at a church meeting. In 1991, a Ugandan boy was found in a tree. Six-year-old John Ssebuya was looked after by a group of vervet monkeys for three years.

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