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Kimani Gray fatally shot by two undercover cops

Kimani ‘Kiki’ Gray Murder: Cops involved in the killing identified

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The two plainclothes officers that gunned down Kimani ‘Kiki’ Gray on March 9 have been identified as Sgt Mourad Mourad, 30, and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, 26. The cops, who killed the teenager with 11 shots, were driving on E. 52nd St. and pulled over when they saw the teenager in front of a home.

According to an internal NYPD report, the two police officers “identified themselves” when they got out of the car. The teenager immediately drew a firearm, a .38 revolver, “and pointed it first at Police Officer Cordova and then at Sergeant Mourad, and then back at Police Officer Cordova,” states the report.

NY Daily News reports:

Police sources said Kimani was a gang member with an arrest history. In February, Kimani was arrested for trying to make off with $88 from a Nostrand Ave. laundry. In November, he and six other kids were busted for raising a ruckus at a local McDonald’s. Kimani also appeared to have a weakness for Mercedes-Benzes. He was nabbed twice last year for taking joy rides in the luxury car.

Carol Gray, the mother of the killed teen, has urged people to calm down after three nights of rioting in Brooklyn. “Two Police officers shot down Kiman and I only want justice for two police officers to be off the street before they hurt another young kid,” she said.


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