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Report claims late North Korea leader Kim Jong Il was toppled by a weak heart

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Kim Jong IlAccording to an article published in a South Korean newspaper, North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong Il’s death was caused by a fit of rage over a leaking dam. The report hasn’t been confirmed but an article in South Korea’s conservative paper Chosun Ilbo claims that Kim Jong Il went in a fit of rage that took a toll on him after being informed that there were problems at an hydro-electric power plant in Huichon, Jagang Province.

The article read:

After being briefed about the leak, Kim Jong Il lambasted officials and ordered them to repair it. He rushed to make an on-site inspection of the facility unable to contain his anger and died suddenly.

The “Dear Leader” died in 2011 at the age of 69 and North Korea’s state-run TV waited three days to announce his death. KCNA said Kim Jong Il died of overwork while he was on a train bound for a “field guidance tour”. 

The Wall Street Journal’s Alastair Gale wrote on his blog:

As with so many accounts of North Korea, the information comes from an unnamed source, and so should be taken with a fistful of salt. But the story is intriguing because it’s certainly plausible that Mr. Kim would’ve been extremely unhappy about such news given the importance of the project and his well-documented bad temper. Throw a weak heart into the mix and, boom, it may have toppled him.

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