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Julian Assange health worsening after five months in Ecuador embassy

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Julian AssangeJulian Assange is reportedly suffering from a “chronic lung complaint” that has to be kept under control or it could worsen. The Wikileaks founder is being regularly checked by doctors inside Ecuador’s London embassy where he has been holed up since June.

Assange, 41, was granted political asylum by Ecuadorian authorities to escape extradition to Sweden where he’s accused of raping two girls. The Australian journalist has always denied any wrongdoing, reports The Guardian, but can’t leave the embassy because British offcials have already told him he will be arrested.

In October, Ecuadorian authorities asked British authorities to let Assange receive proper medical treatment in Ecuador. “He has a chronic lung complaint that could get worse any time. The Ecuadorean state is covering Mr Assange’s medical costs and we have arranged for regular doctor visits to check on his health,” Ecuador’s ambassador Ana Alban told a local TV network.

Assange fears he might be extradited to the US if he steps out of the Ecuadorian embassy. In the United States he is wanted for posting secret military papers on his website Wikileaks. US authorities say they haven’t issued criminal complaints against Assange.

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