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Gen. Allen’s emails with Jill Kelley deemed ‘flirtatious’

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The scandal involving former C.I.A. director David Petraeus added another episode to an already twisted love story on Tuesday. Gen John Allen, the head of the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, was engulfed in the scandal yesterday after an F.B.I. investigation revealed 30,000 pages of communications with Jill Kelley, the woman who sparked the investigation. Gen. Allen was set to take the command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization within days but the widening scandal forced President Barack Obama to put his appointment on hold.

Gen. Allen has told associates he became entangled in the Petraeus adultery scandal a few months ago, when he received an email later traced to Ms. Broadwell, the official familiar with his thinking said. Ms. Broadwell, whose extramarital affair with Mr. Petraeus had ended by then, believed that Ms. Kelley may have been a romantic rival, according to this official. Besides the emails sent directly to Ms. Kelley, she also sent a flurry of emails from a pseudonymous account to senior military officials, denigrating Ms. Kelley, the official said.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Ms. Kelley, 37, contacted an FBI agent, whose identity remains secret, to launch an investigation into the threatening emails she was receving from anonymous email addresses. The investigation led to Paula Broadwell and her extra-marital affair with Mr. Petraeus. Once the lid was blown off the general’s liaison, friends of Ms. Kelley tried to convince her to drop the case.

It has also emerged that Ms. Kelley exchanged ‘flirtatious’ emails with Gen. John Allen from 2010 to 2012. Gen. Allen has played down rumours of an affair with the married mother of three children he met while at the military base in Tampa Bay, Fla.. According to people familiar with the matter, no evidence of an extra-marital affair between the general and Ms. Kelley has been found yet. Gen. Allen told officials he has never spent time alone with Ms. Kelley in a room.

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