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Italian and Polish mobsters behind EU horsemeat scandal

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Findus beef lasagnaThe horsemeat scandal that has forced Findus to withdraw its beef lasagne from the shelves of England’s top supermarkets is widening. As The Daily Mail reports, Italian and Polish criminal organisations are suspected of running a scheme worth million of pounds that has passed off horsemeat as beef. 

British authorities have begun investigating the scam and environment Secretary Owen Paterson believes an international criminal network is responsible for the scandal. Mr Paterson said: “‘I’m concerned that this is an international criminal conspiracy here and we’ve really got to get to the bottom of it.”

The horsemeat was supplied by French supplier Comigel. The meat is believed to come from an abbattoir in Romania and Findus UK withdrew its frozen beef lasagne from the supermarket’s shelves after 60% and 100% traces of horsemeat were found in the product.


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