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India: tea plantation workers torch owner and wife to death

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Tea plantation workers in IndiaA tea plantation owner and his wife were burnt to death by their workers on Wednesday. As the BBC reports, at least 700 workers of the tea plantation in the Indian state of Assam torched their employers in their bungalow after a two-week long labour dispute. The tea plantation workers attacked the owner and his wife in a bungalow after 10 estate workers were urged to move out of their quarters and three others were detained by police for unspecified reasons.

Many plantation workers appeared on local telecision confirming that they set the bungalow on fire. “We all came and attacked the bungalow and set it on fire. They deserved to be killed as the planter has exploited us for a long time and tortured us for petty things” a worker told News Live local TV channel. Assam is the state where most of India’s tea is produced. In the state, there are more than 800 tea estates producing 55 percent of  India’s annual tea production. 


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