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Jacinta Saldanha

Royal hoax nurse Jacintha Saldanha attempted suicide twice

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According to  The Daily Beast, the nurse who committed suicide following the prank call by two Australian DJs had tried to take her own life twice before. Reports in the Indian press argue that Jacintha Saldanha attempted suicide twice in nine days last year.

Ms. Jacintha, 46, committed suicide after she transferred the two Australian radio hosts to Kate Middleton’s personal nurse. She hanged herself in the nurses’ quarters of the King Edward VII’s Hospital in Central London three days after the prank call.

The first failed suicide attempt was carried out while on a family trip in India. Ms Jacintha overdosed on pills and had to be rushed to hospitals where doctors saved her life. Nine days later she tried to take her own life once again when she attempted to jump from the balcony of a building.

The nurse’s brother told The Times of India: “Jacintha never wanted the family to know of the incident and we played a behind-the-scene role. Even this incident was not discussed at home for the knowledge of it would have hurt my ailing mother Carmine. We told her (Carmine) that Jacintha was admitted to hospital for blood pressure problems.”

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