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Royal hospital hoax phone call DJs not to face charges over nurse’s death

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Royal prank call victimThe two royal hoax phone call DJs who called the Central London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated with early morning sickness won’t be charged over the death of the nurse who transferred the call. Scotland Yard investigators said they found no evidence to lay charges against them.

As Mail Online reports, Jacintha Saldanha passed the two Australian DJs on to the nurse who was taking care of Kate Middleton.  The two DJs pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and were given private information about Kate’s health condition.

Saldanha, 46, hanged herself at the King Edward VII Hospital in London three days after the prank call. It was initially thought that the nurse had taken her life because of the royal hoax phone call. But according to various reports in the Indian press, Saldanha had already tried to take her own life twice last year and was on anti-depressants.

During a vacation in India, she almost overdosed on prescription drugs and nine days later she tried to jump from a balcony.

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