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Innocent British school girl killed over telemarketing scam in Jamaica

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Imani GreenImani Green, a British schoolgirl, was on vacation in Jamaica when she was shot dead in the grocery shop owned by her relatives allegedly over a telemarketing scam which happened a few months ago.

As The Daily Mail reports, the scam forces people in America to pay an ‘advance fee’ after they are tricked into believing they’ve won the lottery. The scam is operated on a large scale and up to 500 murders last year were related to the scam. Peter Bunting, Jamaica’s national security minister told British TV:

The initial report I received from the police suggested this shooting is a reprisal for an earlier shooting a couple of months ago and that the motive for it was a lottery scam-related issue

Eight-year-old Imani had nothing to do with the scam but she was targeted because it is thought that gunmen in Jamaica target innocent people when they cannot find their target. Imani had flown to Jamaica to ease her genetic blood disorder that worsened in cold weather.

A neighbour of the young girl’s family in London told the Daily Mail gangsters killed his innocent cousin three years ago because they couldn’t find their intended target. “There is a saying out there. ‘If I can’t catch you, I will catch someone for you”, the man said.

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