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Tetra Pak heir used deodorant to mask smell of wife’s decomposing body

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Hans and Eva RausingBillionaire Hans Rausing pleaded guilty to preventing the burial of his wife’s dead body in yesterday’s hearing at London’s Isleworth Crown Court. The plead allowed Mr Rausing to escape jail for two years to complete a drug rehabilitation programme.

The Tetra Pak heir, whose family is the 12th richest in Britain, pleaded guilty to “preventing the lawful and decent burial” of his US born wife. Eva Rausing lay dead on a bed inside the couple’s London mansion for at least two months before being found under a pile of bin bags and bed sheets by police officers.

It was also revealed that Mr. Rausing would spray deodorant in the room to cover up the smell of his wife’s decomposing body.

Mr Rausing admitted that he locked up his wife’s dead body because he “did not want her to leave.” Mr and Mrs Rausing had battled drug addiction for years before falling back into the vicious circle again when they decided to celebrate the new Millenium with a glass of champagne.

A post-mortem examination found traces of cocaine in Eva Rausing’s dead body.

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