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British Chancellor angers tax payers with first class train ride with standard-class ticket

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George OsborneEngland’s Minister of Finance was fined £200 ($320) for sitting in a first-class seat on a train from Cheshire to London having paid only for a standard ticket.  The incident has been denied by the British Chancellor and Virgin, the train company running the service.

Still, various media outlets reported on Saturday that George Osborne was told to leave his first class seat after a railway ticket inspector found him with a standard-class ticket, reports The Daily Mail.

Mr Osborne was told to leave but he refused and paid the £160 upgrade. A spokesman for the British Chancellor downplayed the incident and said Mr Osborne “got a different train than planned due to diary change following a series of meetings in his constituency.”

“As he had no seat reservation on the new train which was crowded, he decided to upgrade – and obviously intended and was happy to pay,” the spokesman said.


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