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French Fisherman Survives Saltwater Crocodile Attack in Northern Australia

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Yoann GaleranYoann Galeran, 29, a French fisherman working in Northern Australia was able to fight off a 6.5 feet saltwater crocodile that attacked him after he had reached a moored dinghy in Nhulumbuy. Yoann was grabbed by the neck and taken under water by the huge croc but managed to free himself, get on the dinghy and reach the shore.

Lisa Heathcote, Yaonn’s employer, said:

He was swimming out and this crocodile has grabbed him by the head and done a roll. Then he’s just started punching into it and it let him go. Then it came back at him again but he managed to get his hands under its front legs and push it off.

The 29-year-old was rushed to hospital where doctors treated the injuries he suffered in the close encounter. Australia’s saltwater crocodiles can grow up to seven meters. They have been a protected species since the 1970s.

Yoann Galeran Survives Croc Attack

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