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Russia meteorite hit by UFO

Fragments of Russian meteorite sold online for as much as $16,000

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Families in the Chelaybinsk region in Russia are finding ways to cash in on the scare that a meteorite caused when it streaked across the sky on Feb. 15. Families in the villages of Deputatsky and Pervomaysky are searching the area to collect the meteorite’s fragments.

The fragments of the so-called Chebarkul meteorite are then sold online for as much as 500,000 roubles ($16,300). 

Finding fragments of the meteorite is quite simple. As the BBC reports, they have made holes the size of a mouse’s lair on the ground. So meteorite hunters now that when they find a hole in the ground it’s either a rodent or a piece of the space rock. 

Although the rocks contain common minerals, the internet is full of ads selling the meteorite’s fragments. Russian authorities have already questioned a man who has sold meteorite fragments online for 15,000 roubles. The online seller could be charged with fraud if the rocks are fake.

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