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Costa Concordia shipwreck: heartbreaking victims’ stories revealed

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ROME, ITALY – Heartbreaking details of the deaths of the 32 passengers in the Costa Concordia shipwreck have been revealed in captain Francesco Schettino‘s charges documents.

Captain Francesco Schettino is currently facing charges of manslaughter, because he left the ship as soon as the cruise liner capsized close to the coast of the Italian island of Giglio in January last year. Schettino left the ship without taking care of passengers and he refused to get back to the ship.

The document tells the story of the barmaid Erika Fani Soria Molina who drowned because of the current of the Costa Concordia sinking after giving her life jacket to a passenger in need. The youngest victim in the tragedy, Dayana Arlotti,was aged 5 and she died with her father William Arlotti. The two fell into a hole formed by the listing of the ship.

Prosecutor Francesco Verusio talked about the panic aboard whilst Schettino claimed he is innocent, and Schettino’s defence team claimed he should be praised for taking the ship closer to the shore.


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