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Beware of rat meat being sold illegally in London

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LONDON – If you live in East London be careful, it has been reported that a lot of rat meat and not only has been sold illegally in east London markets. This has been revealed by an investigation led by BBC.

BBC’s Guy Lynn reported what he found out:

“Under the counter, butchers at Ridley Road Market [a popular marketplace in the Northeast London borough of Hackney] were prepared to sell banned “smokies”, a West African delicacy made using a blow torch on the skin of a sheep or goat to give it a charred flavour. The practice is outlawed under UK and European food laws amid fears about public safety and animal welfare. “It is disgusting and outrageous that the local authorities don’t take action and remove this meat from the human food chain,” [said Dr Yunes Teinaz, a chartered environmental health practitioner. One Hackney butcher, who was secretly filmed selling a BBC researcher quantities of the illicit meat, said: "Don't tell anyone, otherwise there will be trouble." Two African food stores have sold bush meat such as "grass cutter" or cane rats [pictured up top, prior to preparation], which are described as having been imported from Ghana where they are a delicacy.”

This is a very dangerous thing customers are not aware of buying bushmeat illegal meat that did not undergo investigation and was not approved, this leads to have concern over contamination and sanitation. This is what Paul Povey, expert on meat hygene, said: “This is shocking, I am just so shocked to see so much of it… You’ve got to wonder about the contamination level of this meat that anyone’s bringing into their kitchens.”


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