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Live-in fetish slave arrested after finding out boyfriend was cheating on her

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Edward SoderlingA sexual slave of a successful Manhattan investment banker went in a fit of rage and got arrested when she found out she was being cheated on, reports The Daily Mail. Sadomasochist Frankie Santiago,27, thought she was only the one being whipped by financial adviser Edward Soderling, 53, until a month ago when she saw two airline tickets belonging to Soderling’s new partner. From The Daily Mail:

After finding airline tickets for Sonderling’s new partner at his apartment, she posed as the new woman and cancelled them. She also set up a fake email account in Sonderling’s name and sent his new girlfriend insulting emails claiming to be him.

Soderling is known as a ‘whipping aficionado’ in the S&M circuit and most of his friends said he would use Santiago to “serve his sexual needs.” Soderling’s friends also said he would whip Santiago “every morning before breakfast.” Santiago has been charged with stalking, criminal mischief and aggravated harassment.

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