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Delhi bus rapist pleads guilty after 10 days of torturing

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Delhi bus rapistsFive of the six rapists charged with murder of a young woman on a Delhi bus are to appear in court for the second time on Thursday. The BBC reports that one of the men was “coerced into admission” after 10 days of torturing.

The lawyer representing three of the six rapists said the 22-year-old was abducted by police officers at his village and tortured in prison until he confessed. The lawyer said the man cannot speak due to the injuries he sustained. Manohar Lal Sharma is the lawyer for Mukesh Singh, Ashkay Thakurs and Vinay Sharma.

All three have pleaded guilty to the charges prosecutors laid against them but it remains to be seen how the other two rapists – Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma – will plead. The sixth rapist was confirmed to be under 18 and will be tried by a juvenile court. 

The preliminary hearings will take place behind closed doors after chaotic scenes erupted at the first hearing on Monday.

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