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Chino Hills maternity hotel

Chinese ‘maternity motel’ angers Chino Hills locals

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There’s a house located at a busy intersection in Chino Hills, Cal., where locals gathered on Saturday morning to protest an illegal “maternity motel” where Chinese women are flown in from China to deliver their children. The procedure is done so the newborns can grow as American citizens. At least 70 picketers held up multi coloured signs reading: “No Birth Tourism” to highlight what they say is an illegal maternity operation. reports:

What the picketers say is morally wrong about the “maternity motel” is that children born there have dual citizenship and at age 21 can use that to bring family members in the country. Calls to the three numbers posted on a fence leading up to the hilltop house, which some call a mansion, resulted in the phone on the other end being hung up.

The house is adverstised on the internet where Chinese mothers are instructed on how to make the journey into the United States. The visit to the U.S. lasts about two months but there’s nothing illegal about Chinese women giving birth to their own children in a maternity center.

The matter angering locals is that the whole maternal hotel is run like a business for women whose goal is to give their children U.S. citizenship. “Chino Hills is a nice family-oriented town. We don’t want a maternal hotel that is a businees in a residential area,” an organizer of the protest said.


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