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Chinese Communist Party official resigns after sex tape screenshots are leaked online

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A Chinese Communist Party official was fired from his post for having had sex with an eighteen-year old prostitute hired by a construction company in 2007. The girl, now a 23-year-old nurse, was paid £5,000 ($8,000) by the owner of a property company to  have sex with Lei Zhengfu, a member of the Communist Party in the city of Chongqing.

The woman was asked by the business owner if she ‘wanted to be a prostitute serving some government officials that he had a business relationship with.’ The sex tape leaked on the web on November 20 when screenshots of the intercourse were uploaded by a former journalist based in Beijing called Zhu Ruifeng. The photos were uploaded to his Hong Kong based blog.

The video was filmed as an extortion attempt, reports NY Daily News. Ruifeng says there are other videos that he might post online involving five other Chongqing Communist Party officials. Ruifeng said he’s verifying the authenticiy of the footage.

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