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PHOTO: Boy gets 38 stiches for leaving carbonated drink in the freezer for too long

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China can scar

A thirsty Chinese boy learnt the hard way that a soft drink can turn it into a bomb if you leave it in a freezer for too long. This photo was published on social site Weibo – the Chinese version of Twitter – and shows the scarred cheek of a boy after a frozen can exploded in his face.


The boy was severely injured and returned home from the hospital that night with 31 stitches on his face and 7 on the inside of his mouth. The next day, the mother posted pictures of her son’s injury to Sina Weibo as a warning to others who chill carbonated beverages by putting them in the freezer.

The lesson the child’s mother has learned from the scare she got when is to never put “carbonated beverages in the freezer.”

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