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British Gay Teenager died after being set on fire with Tanning Oil at Birthday Party

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A 20-year-old British man has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail for killing a gay teen at a party. Jordan Sheard, who pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter, killed Steven Simpson by setting him on fire with tanning oil during a party in June 2012, reports The Huffington Post.

At the party, Simpson was singled out by Sheard. He told him to take off his clothes and covered the gay teen in tannning oil. He then wrote across his back messages like “gay boy” and “I love d*ck” before setting him on fire. Simpson was rushed to a local hospital with burns across 60% of his body but died the following day.  Simpson also suffered from Asperger Syndrome.

Prosecuting attorney Sam Warburton was quoted as saying: “This was a cruel case of bullying based on Steven’s sexuality and disability.” Sheard’s attorney said the young boy is deeply sorry for “the stupid prank that went wrong.”

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