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Julia Pastrana, the world’s ugliest woman, to return to Mexico for proper burial

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Julia PastranaAfter 153 years, the world’s ugliest woman will be buried in her hometown in Mexico. Julia Pastrana was branded the world’s ugliest woman due to a rare condition called congenital terminal hypertrichosis that covered her whole body with hair. Pastrana died in 1860 due to complications after giving birth to her son.

As The Daily Mail reports, she will return to Mexico after spending years in a storage room of a Oslo research institute.

Pastrana’s body will be buried in her birthplace thanks to Laura Anderson Barbata. The visual artist told The New York Times: “I felt she deserved the right to regain her dignity and her place in history, and in the world’s memory. I hoped to help change her position as a victim to one where she can be seen in her entirety and complexity.”

The Mexican woman became popular in 1854 when she began touring the U.S. and Canada after being bought by a Mexican customs administrator. In 1859, she married her manager, Theodore Lent, and gave birth to his child in 1860. The boy, who had inherited Pastrana’s same rare condition, died shortly after birth. Pastrana died five days later.

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