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Australian boy egg collection turns into seven eastern brown snakes

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Slithering snakesCANBERRA, Australia – Toddler Kyle Cummings had a lucky escape after seven eastern brown snakes hatched out of eggs he found in his backyard. Kyle found nine eggs on his family’s 1.2 hectare property on the outskirts of Townsville in Queensland. He put the eggs in a plastic container and a stashed them in his wardrobe.

Donna Sim, the toddler’s mother, found the container on Sunday and saw that the eggs had hatched seven eastern brown snakes, the second most venomous snake after the Inland Taipan.

Trish Pondergast of North Queensland Wildlife Care told The Associated Press: “”Their fangs are only a few millimeters long at that age, so they probably couldn’t break the skin, but they’re just as venomous as full-grown snakes”. The 12 to 15 centimeres long snakes have been released into the wild.

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