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Missing Australian teen found covered in leeches after two months in the bush

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Matthew AllenSydneysider Matthew Allen, who went missing on November 27, was found in the Australian bush alive but covered in leeches not far from where his family lives. The young boy was seen by two hikers on Saturday. They contacted police and said they saw a “disorientated man” covered in leeches and his legs suffering from gangrene, reports CNN.

Sydney police found him in a “poor state”, half his bodyweight and partially blind when they rescued him with a helicopter.

Allen, 18, went missing in November and survived Australia’s record heatwave by drinking from a creek that was almost dry.  Detective Acting Inspector Glyn Baker told ABC News: “His family are ecstatic that he’s alive and that he’s well.  He’s been reunited with them and they’ve been to Hornsby Hospital to see him.”

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