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Picture 100

Disturbing human remains discovered in abandoned laboratory in Russia

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Abandoned human and animal brains, skinned animals heads and much more disturbing stuff, this is what has been discovered in an abandoned laboratory in Russia.

These remains and pieces of brain were once studied by the scientists during the Soviet era, though for whatever reason unknown this laboraty has been evacuated, probably in a hurry, and everything was left as it was, in the pictures you can see glasses and dishes among the brains and skinned animals, not to mention cross-sections. The Soviet laboratory is located in Moscow and it was run by the army. Shortly after it was evacuated it has been sealed off by the authorities, though people could still get in and see these macabre remains.

Nowadays it has been officially sealed off and access is forbidden.









Photos by: Alex Klochkov

More creepy and enlarged photos can be found at:

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