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Blasphemy case in Pakistan, imam arrested

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imamISLAMABAD – A Muslim cleric is accused of stashing pages of a Quran in a Christian girl’s bag to make it seem like she burned the Islamic holy book, so Pakistani police arrested Khalid Chishti late Saturday.

“I have not done anything wrong. This is all fabrication,” he defiantly told media. “We all are suffering,” said Somera Ashraf, a Christian woman from the girl’s neighborhood.

“What it indicates is a genuine attempt at investigation rather than blaming the victim, which is what normally happens in blasphemy cases,” said Hasan. “They are actually taking a look at incitement to violence and false allegations. It is a welcome and positive development.”

“There is no problem in the blasphemy laws and its procedures,” said Malik Qadir. “Whenever there is a blasphemy case in Pakistan, we never see any punishment. This is just a wrong policy of the government,” said Hafiz Tariq Mahmood

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