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Snow storm hits Northeast and photos of empty shelves are posted on Twitter

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NEW YORK – The snow storm hit the Northeast with hurricane-force winds and nearly two feet snow have been recorded in New England.

A lot of flights have been cancelled, they account for 33 flights from New York to Boston and also two outbound flights. Although the figures are likely to go up during the day.

An airport spokesman said: ‘The number will probably increase a little bit during the day but we cannot predict what is going to happen and what the weather is going to do in the States. We would advise people to check with their airlines before coming to the airport.’

The Northeast has also been left without power and there are never-ending queues at gas stations and supermarkets, where the shelves are almost all empty.

Check out below Mayor Bloomberg warning the population and footage of the storm:

Listen to Mayor Bloomberg telling New Yorkers not to go out

WATCH Storm approaching the Northeast


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