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Restaurant will make you pay less if you switch off your mobile phone

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NEW YORK – Everyone is so into technology nowadays and we are using our phones or tablets all the time, always getting updated connected to the Internet.

One restaurant called Eva in Los Angeles was so sick and tired of everyone sitting at their tables sending emails or making calls, that decided to give out a % 5 discount if mobile phones or tablets are not used during the dinner. As an outcome roughly hald of customers decided not to use their smartphones or tablets during dinner. Mark Gold, owner of the place, has been thanked by the newspapers, his anti-mobile phones policy has been talked about a lot and twitted about.

The restaurant became also more popular, though the owner Mark Gold said: ” We weren’t expecting the restaurant to become more popular, Eva is like home we want to create a domestic environment. We want two people to sit at the table and establish a connection between each other without being distracted by their phones. We are trying to create a place in which you can enjoy at the fullest the company and food”.


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