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Picture 22

Photos of ex-FBI agent hostage for six years released by Iranian captors

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Ex FBI agent Robert Levinson has been held hostage for six years. Levinson has been kidnapped by the Iranian government, in the picture realeased Robert Levinson is wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The photos were sent to his family in 2011, though the source who sent them cannot be tracked down. The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied the hand of the Iranian government in the matter. The material could have been released by a professional intelligence service like Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

This is what Levinson’s wife said: ‘There isn’t any pressure on Iran to resolve this. It’s been much too long. We assumed there would be some kind of follow-up and we didn’t get any,’ Christine Levinson said. After those pictures came, we received nothing.’


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