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David Petraeus

In 2011 Fox News founder Ailes asked Gen. Petraeus to run for president

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In 2011 Fox News founder Roger Ailes advised Gen. David Petraeus, whom at the time was running the U.S. Army and coalition forces in Afghanistan, to turn down US President Barack Obama‘s offer to become the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, and run for presidency. The Washington Post posted a thirteen-minute long audio recording of Gen. Petraeus’ 2011 interview with Fox News journalist Kathleen T. McFarland in which the former head of the CIA is as asked to consider Roger Aisle’s advise to run in the US Presidential campaign.

I’m not running’ says Petraeus when McFarland exposes him Roger Ailes’advise. The offer, reports The Washington Post, was made at the end of a 90 minute interview. In the recording, McFarland tells Roger Ailes wants Petraeus to accept nothing less than chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. If offered anything different, Petraeus was advised to resign, take six months off and then run for president. Petraues responded he “wanted to continue to serve his country in a quite significantly meaningfule position.”

In the recording, Fox News journalist hints that putting Petraeus at the head of the CIA is a political move top Democrats came up with in order to keep him out of the political life in Washington. In the final part of the recording, Petraeus says that if he ever ran he’d take Ailes “up on his offer.” Gen.¬†Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA when it emerged he had had a year long affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell.

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